A Scout Salute to First Responders


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Manatee District Cub Scout Day Camp, June 10-14

A message from the Manatee District Cub Scout Day Camp Scoutmaster

Good Evening Scouts BSA leaders;

This is my first note about Day Camp.

We are looking for Scouts BSA youth for Youth Staff at Manatee Day Camp.

ANY Scouts BSA youth may participate in this.

Youth under 14 years of age will be Den Chiefs and assigned to Dens or patrols for the week.
Youth 14 and up can work the program areas, including the pool, the lake and the range.

We will be implementing the Patrol method for this years youth staff, so if you have an higher ranked scout that would like some more time in a leadership position, this is their opportunity.

Each youth will get 60 service hours for the week. If they are there for all five of the days and one of the weekend days to help set up and attend Den Chief Training if they need it.

They can sign up on the council website on the calendar June 10 – 14.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

If it is not a big deal, please announce this at your next troop meeting and send out via your troop communication method.

I will be happy to come to one of your troop meetings if you would like. Just let me know when and where you meet and one of us will be there.

I am also looking for an Assistant Scoutmaster to help out this year. You don’t have to be able to be there every day, but an extra set of eyes with 50 scouts is always helpful.

Thank You

Chuck Swanson,
Manatee District Day Camp Scoutmaster

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Venturing Advancement Bootcamp – April 26-28 in Naples

Venturing Leaders and Youth,

Crew 951 in Naples, is hosting an Advancement Bootcamp the weekend of April 26-28. Cost is $25 and includes camping, Saturday night dinner, workshops, and more. Click Here or on the image below to view the flyer for full details.

For more information please email/call:

Mia has put this event together for her Pathfinder Award and has put a lot of effort into this. If you, or your Crew, are available please consider going to this event. If you are new to rank advancements in Venturing, this will be extremely helpful.

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SWFL Council Learning Opportunity – Better your Pack/Troop/Crew and attend University of Scouting Arts

Hello fellow parents and leaders!

Our parent/volunteer team has put together an amazing schedule of courses for EVERONE in Scouting adult leadership.  Have a fun learning experience with other parents like you!  All new parents or the most seasoned volunteers, everyone will get something out of USA!
I am a parent/volunteer just like you and even look forward to the Wild Wild West Cub Weekend camp out with many of you on Saturday.  Just like you, I am in Scouting because of the value it brings my children and family.  I believe in what you are doing and honored to serve you through University of Scouting Arts!

Make your Scouting Pack, Troop, or Crew better through the FEATURES below:

  • Accessible: Saturday only option
  • Introductory level information for new parent/volunteers
  • Applicable to your needs
  • Experienced volunteer trainers
  • Hands on demonstrations for your position in scouting.
  • Basic leader training offered (Den Leader & Pack or Troop Committee) – Help your unit earn JTE awards!
  • Where do I go for help?
  • How to keep your youth, volunteers, & parents safe.
  • Build a team of parents working together.
  • Recruit, retain and skyrocket with fellow volunteers
  • Eagle Scout Process – How to both deliver the promise AND start an Eagle’s nest in your troop!
  • Make meetings fun!
  • Advanced discussion and challenging topics for tenured scouters.
  • How to manage unit finances.
  • Fundraising ideas
  • What is the bigger picture?
  • Meet other parents in the exact position you are in, “Well, I am here because I just stepped in to help…….”   “ME TOO!”
  • Fun “Star Wars vs. Star Trek” theme and fun evening activities.

Come for ONLY the DAY or all weekend.  You will be fed, but bring your own tent!

April 26 ‐28, 2019
Camp Miles   38751 Bermont Rd., Punta Gorda, 33982

USA is an all adult Scout Leader training weekend geared to give you the latest information to take you to the next level of Scouting.  This is an alternative education program offering courses you will not find at any other venue in Scouting.  From the basics to the very technical, we approach our educational program with enthusiastic idealism, years of on the job experience, and a deep commitment in offering youth the very best in Scout leader training. Be prepared for a weekend of learningfellowship and fun!

This year’s theme is a Star Trek vs. Star Wars.  You are welcome to dress the part, but remember we are at a Scout camp. You will need to wear your Field Uniform (Class A) to dinner Saturday evening and breakfast Sunday morning.  All other meals are Activity Uniform (Class B) /costume attire.

Who:   Registered adult leaders from Packs, Troops, Crews, Ships

When:   April 26 – 28, 2019.  Check-in Friday AFTER 5pm or Saturday BETWEEN 7:45 am – 8:15am.

Cost:   $25 weekend / $15 Saturday Only / $12 Dri-Fit Shirt / $15 Hat

Register Online: http://www.swflcouncilbsa.org  – Registration closes on April 11, 2019.  You are not  registered until all fees are all paid.  $10 late fee per person if not paid by April 18!

Payments:  Must be received by Council no later than April 18, 2019.  Please make checks out to the Southwest Florida Council,  1801 Boy Scout Dr., Ft. Myers, FL  33907

Includes:  Weekend fee includes:  materials, patch, degree certificate, four meals.

Saturday fee includes: materials, patch, non-degree certificate, lunch, dinner. Participants receive the full experience, but do not earn a degree.

Contact: Chancellor Drew Wormington ‐ (941) 815‐0951 • digitalmuppet@gmail.com

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No free physicals this year

Dear Scouts and Scouters,

I am sorry to say that LECOM will not be able to host their annual free physical event this year.

It is our intention to resume the event next year.

Yours in Scouting,

Health Safety Risk Manager
Manatee District

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LECOM Physicals

Dear Scouts, Scouters and Parents,

For many years we have benefited from LECOM providing FREE physicals for scouts and scouters. This year they are having trouble lining up physicians to supervise the LECOM students.

I am reaching out to all of you for your help.

Please contact me if your physician is willing to assist, or if you know a physician in the scouting program that is willing to assist.

The only Saturday in April that is not available is April 20th (likely it is because it is the day before Easter.)

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Health Safety Risk Management
Manatee District

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Venturing – Come “Lead the Adventure!” with Us

Hello Scoutmasters and Troop representatives,

Just like how Troops recruit via speaking with Cub Scout Packs, Crews are encouraged to recruit by reaching out to Scouts BSA Troops. This is because the Venturing program is for youth ages 14-20 who want to remain in Scouting and continue with youth-led, high adventure activities. That’s right, until they reach age 21! The Venturing program also allows for youth to earn more awards and experience a differently configured program that still adheres to the Scout Oath and Law.

If you have any Scouts interested in becoming a Venturer, or any Scouts about to hit 18 years of age, we can send you more information about Crew 111, or other Crews in your area, and how to get involved. We would also like to send youth representatives to meet with your Scouts or Troop, if interested, so that they may learn more about the Venturing program.

Crew 111 has participated in two Camporees, one Broke Back Dog Challenge and WOAH since its formation in September 2017. We have volunteered for global non-profits, scaled TreeUmph!, been on many campouts, gone bowling, skating and golfing, went wake-boarding, and are now considering more high-adventure and challenging activities. If your Scouts want to get in on the fun, don’t wait to reach out.

For more information, please contact:
Ed Copeland, Crew Advisor – Crew 111

You can access our website at http://www.swflcrew111.com.

Thank you and we look forward to meeting your Scouts.

With appreciation,

Grace Townsend
President, Crew 111

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2019 Manatee Adult Recognition Dinner Flyer & Forms

Hello Scouters,

Come join us on Thursday, April 4th, 2019 at Camp Flying Eagle for the 2019 Manatee Adult Recognition Dinner. This is a fun time to recognize and be recognized by your fellow Scouters. Recognition for the Silver Beaver Award, District Award of Merit, Live Oak Award, Cubmaster of the Year, Scoutmaster of the Year and the Outstanding Unit Leader Awards. The full flyer can be seen Here.

Nomination Forms, which are due by March 21, 2019, can be found below:

Once registration is open, register on the Council website at http://www.swflcouncilbsa.org.

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Manatee District – New Eagle Scout Process

Hello Manatee District Scoutmasters and Committee Chairs,

As we have been discussing for the past few months, the District Advancement Committee has been hard at work making changes and improvements to the Eagle Scout process. Much thought and consideration has been put into the attached documents and while they may not be perfect, they represent a significant improvement in the way we guide and process Eagle candidates here in Manatee District.

I’ve attached two documents:

Starting, Navigating and Completing The Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project – This detailed document will guide a Scout from start to finish while working on their Eagle project. Section by section explanations are provided for each part of the Eagle Scout Project Workbook (Proposal, Planning and Report) and a workflow diagram at the end visually depicts the process.

Manatee District Eagle Scout Process Approval – This two page document describes the new approval process for Manatee District. More face-to-face interaction with skilled Scout Reviewers and consistent review and approval dates are detailed here.

For this new process to take hold and work as designed, we need you as Unit Leaders to do the following:

  1. Reproduce the above documents and give a copy to each Eagle Candidate, a copy to each person that is to serve as an Eagle Mentor / Coach, and a copy to the person on the Troop Committee that has been designated to approve the proposal for the Committee. This will insure that all those who review and approve understand what the Candidate has proposed and that he understands what he is proposing.
  2. Discuss the Eagle timeline and process with the Eagle Candidate to prevent any time issue as they approach their 18th birthday.
  3. Going forward, reference the Manatee Rambler for any updates to the new process or documents.

We thank you in advance for your help. Our goal is and will always be to support Scouts in the best way we know how. We appreciate your partnership at the Unit level and welcome any comments or concerns you have. Please feel free to reach out to me directly at the new Manatee Advancement email: manateeadvancement@gmail.com.

Respectfully yours in Scouting,
Alison den Boggende
Manatee District Advancement Chair

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February is Community Service Month

Scoutmasters, Cubmasters, Crew Advisors and Committee Chairs,

February is designated by SWFC as Community Service Month and there is an expectation that each unit will conduct a significant service project sometime during the month.

At your earliest convenience before Feb. 1, please submit to me at mac_aldrich@mac.com:

  • your unit type and number
  • a description of your unit’s project
  • where it will take place
  • project date

Note that for those units planning on donating non-perishable goods to the Food Bank of Manatee, the delivery date to the warehouse (3231 59th Dr. E., Unit #101, Bradenton – where popcorn was picked up) is Saturday, Feb. 16th. I especially need to know which units to expect so that I can tell the food bank director, Cindy Sloan, how much time the warehouse needs to be open to accommodate deliveries. Units needing collection barrels should also contact me so that I can get them to you or tell you where/when you may pick them up.

Thank you in advance for getting this information to me ASAP.

In Service,
Mac Aldrich, Program Chair Manatee District

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