Fall Fellowship and Make-Up Ordeal Opportunity

Hi Everyone,

It is time to get back outside and go camping! Fall Fellowship is next month and I would like to share some information with those that have not yet decided to attend.

  • We will be taking temperatures and asking routine Covid questions upon arrival at Camp. If you fail this screening, you will asked to go home.
  • Each Chapter will camp in their own campsite. Each Chapter is responsible for the sanitation of their toilet and shower facilities. Male and female youth members will be separated in the campsites
  • ONE person to a tent
  • Face masks are mandatory, unless you are by yourself away from others
  • Meals may be in shifts. No more than 50 people can be in the dining hall at any one time. Meals will be pre-plated and handed to each Arrowman. There will be no serving lines.
  • There will be hand washing stations at Camp

This is also our Make-Up Ordeal weekend. If you know of Candidates that are in your Unit or Chapter, please remind them. The National OA Committee is allowing extra time this year for Candidates elected in the fall of 2019 to complete their Ordeal. The final opportunity will be next March.

We need to recruit Adult Kitchen workers for both Cook Corp groups, Camp Flying Eagle and Camp Miles. So, if you are interested in helping prepare and serve meals, this is a great opportunity to work with some real pros. Please contact either Jennifer Hitchcock or Joe Glowacki and let them know of your interest.



Chuck Donelson
Lodge Adviser

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