Manatee County Fair Scout Booth

The 2020 Manatee County Fair opens on Thursday, Jan. 16th and runs through Sunday, Jan. 26th. The theme is “It’s a Big Deal.”

For the past dozen or so years, Manatee District has set up a booth in the exhibition hall to promote scouting and to provide recruitment opportunities for units wishing to avail themselves of it. With the advent of Family Scouting in the Cub Scout program and Scouts BSA being inclusive of both male and female members, volunteering to man the booth should prove to be a good way to promote the program in general and individual units, specifically.

While there needs to be at least one adult at the booth, I highly recommend recruiting a youth or two to assist as it will give the public a much better picture of what is happening in scouting these days.

The schedule for the fair and the means to sign up (I recommend 2-4 hour slots with 2-4 volunteers, not necessarily from the same unit) is located on Google Sheets: 2020 Manatee County Fair. Simply enter your name and mobile phone # in the available time slots. More than one person’s information may be entered into a slot (up to 4 people, as that is how many free guest passes will be available). The blacked out areas of the sheet indicate the times that the fairgrounds are closed.

Once I have enough volunteers signed up, I will send out detailed instructions.

Thank you in advance for taking this opportunity to serve Scouting.

Mac Aldrich,
Manatee District Program Chair

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