November Roundtable, “Meet the Troops”

To All,

Here is a flyer that you should have already received regarding November’s Roundtable, “Meet the Troops.”

Ground Rules are as follows;

Each unit will have a table in the gym. (be Prepared to meet outside if the gym is not available) With the meeting beginning at 7:00pm, we plan to be there at 6:00pm to allow for set up.

We ask that each unit have only 3 youth (Ideally the Senior Patrol Leader, a Troop Guide and a Patrol Leader) and 3 Adults (Ideally the Scoutmaster, the Committee Chair and the New Member Coordinator).

This is the Senate not the House.

The first 15 to 20 minutes will be opening and general announcement. After which the non Arrow of Light and Webelos Cub Scout Leaders will retreat to their own Roundtable breakout.

Close will be at 8:30pm to allow for disassembly and out by 9:00pm.

This is an opportunity to promote your unit, start the recruitment process for new scouts and their parents, and show off your accomplishments to other troops. Please take full advantage of it.

Also, Here are some pictures of last year’s event to help provide you with ideas for this year.

Mark Thielen
Every youth deserves a trained leader
Southwest Florida Council
Council Training Chair

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