Salvation Army Bell-Ringing

The Salvation Army graciously provides us with opportunities to meet at its Worship Center for our monthly Roundtable meetings along with a few special activities throughout the year. In return, the organization is asking that members of our group (as well as others who work with the SA) volunteer to help with its annual bell-ringing campaign. By so doing, it means that it does not have to hire workers which cuts into its charitable giving, which is the purpose of the fund-raising.

Several individuals have already signed up, but more are needed. Please note that these do not have to be solo activities and I always recommend that at least two people work together to help pass the time more quickly and pleasantly. Having one or two children on site is also promoted. Note also that while we are volunteering as members of the scouting movement, we are not to wear our uniform per the Guide to Unit Money-Earning Projects (doc #510-274):

The BSA Rules and Regulations state, “Youth members shall not be permitted to serve as solicitors of money for their chartered organizations, for the local council, or in support of other organizations. Adult and youth members shall not be permitted to serve as solicitors of money in support of personal or unit participation in local, national, or international events.” For example: Boy Scouts/Cub Scouts and leaders should not identify themselves as Boy Scouts/Cub Scouts or as a troop/pack participate in The Salvation Army’s Christmas Bell Ringing program. This would be raising money for another organization. At no time are units permitted to solicit contributions for unit programs.

Arrangements for bell-ringing have been made for the following dates and locations and the service times have been divided into 2-hour time slots (10:00-12N, 12N-2:00, 2:00-4:00, and 4:00-6:00):

November 30 at Westgate Publix (3913 Manatee Ave. W) and Moccasin Wallow Publix (Moccasin Wallow Rd. east of I-75).

December 14 at Beachway Publix (Manatee Ave. and 75th St. W.) and River’s Edge Publix (5001 SR-64 E.)

You may schedule yourself using the Salvation Army Bell-Ringing spreadsheet on Google Docs. Just add your name in the appropriate slot and remember it is okay to add yourself even if someone else is covering.

Thank you in advance for your service during the holiday season.

Mac Aldrich, Manatee District Program Chair

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