Manatee District – New Eagle Scout Process

Hello Manatee District Scoutmasters and Committee Chairs,

As we have been discussing for the past few months, the District Advancement Committee has been hard at work making changes and improvements to the Eagle Scout process. Much thought and consideration has been put into the attached documents and while they may not be perfect, they represent a significant improvement in the way we guide and process Eagle candidates here in Manatee District.

I’ve attached two documents:

Starting, Navigating and Completing The Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project – This detailed document will guide a Scout from start to finish while working on their Eagle project. Section by section explanations are provided for each part of the Eagle Scout Project Workbook (Proposal, Planning and Report) and a workflow diagram at the end visually depicts the process.

Manatee District Eagle Scout Process Approval – This two page document describes the new approval process for Manatee District. More face-to-face interaction with skilled Scout Reviewers and consistent review and approval dates are detailed here.

For this new process to take hold and work as designed, we need you as Unit Leaders to do the following:

  1. Reproduce the above documents and give a copy to each Eagle Candidate, a copy to each person that is to serve as an Eagle Mentor / Coach, and a copy to the person on the Troop Committee that has been designated to approve the proposal for the Committee. This will insure that all those who review and approve understand what the Candidate has proposed and that he understands what he is proposing.
  2. Discuss the Eagle timeline and process with the Eagle Candidate to prevent any time issue as they approach their 18th birthday.
  3. Going forward, reference the Manatee Rambler for any updates to the new process or documents.

We thank you in advance for your help. Our goal is and will always be to support Scouts in the best way we know how. We appreciate your partnership at the Unit level and welcome any comments or concerns you have. Please feel free to reach out to me directly at the new Manatee Advancement email:

Respectfully yours in Scouting,
Alison den Boggende
Manatee District Advancement Chair

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