Manatee County Fair

Attention Leaders:

The Manatee County Fair is close on the horizon and I need some folks to step up and cover some shifts manning the Scout booth in the exhibition hall. This year’s focus will be on three things… the scouting program in general, Scouts B.S.A., and the 90th Anniversary of Camp Flying Eagle.

While the booth can be unmanned, it is much more effective when volunteers are present and can have face-to-face contact with fair-goers. And it is most effective when 2 or 3 folks are present (plus it helps make the time go by faster when having someone to talk to during lulls in activity). I will have 4 guest passes available for volunteers to make use of and will send out instructions about how/where to obtain (and return after service) once the slots are filled.

This is a great opportunity to promote the scouting program as well as visiting the fairgrounds (and taking advantage of the food).

Please sign up HERE by January 1, 2019. You won’t regret it.

Mac Aldrich,
Program Chair

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