December Roundtable


Roundtable for December will be held next Thursday, Dec. 6th at the Salvation Army Worship Center starting at 7:00 pm and I hope that you are planning on attending.

The Big Rock Topic is on the ‘Messenger of Peace’ program. During this time of unrest and increasing violence in our country and around the world, this global initiative established in 2011 by the BSA is designed to inspire young men and women to work toward peace. Something I believe everyone can agree needs to take precedence.

On the older boy side of the house, we will be discussing the various religious awards that are available while the Cub side will be providing information on program ideas that will be extremely beneficial to packs and dens. You don’t want to miss it.

We also have two opportunities to give back to the Salvation Army which so graciously allows us to meet at its facility, not only for Roundtable each month, but several other functions throughout the year.

First, please consider volunteering to ring the bell for Christmas at a location and time convenient for you. Copies of the contact card shown below were distributed during the November Roundtable. Call Lt. Davis and ask about locations and times available.


Second, please consider making a donation to go toward replacing the Salvation Army flag that flies outside the building where we meet. The one currently in place is in desperate need of replacement. The cost is $125. A collection box will be provided at the December Roundtable. Funds collected in excess of the amount will be donated to the Salvation Army Bell Ringing program.

See you next week,

Mac Aldrich,
Manatee District Program Chair

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