Training Weekend at Camp Flying Eagle

October 12-14, 2018 – The Weather was great, wish you were there

A great weekend of training was accomplished during what was described as the best weather possible.

It started Friday night were a crack staff of trainers facilitating training for 3 Cubmasters, 4 Den Leaders, 1 Cub Committee Member and 2 Scoutmaster Specifics.

Saturday started with registration with 12 participants for Cub Scouts BALOO (Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation) and 16 participants for Scouts BSA IOLS (Introduction to Outdoor Leaders Skills), and shortly moved to a joint opening flag ceremony led by IOLS Course Director, Ed Genewick.


During the course of Saturday and Sunday morning, numerous topic were covered that will enhance the ability of adult leaders to provide a great scouting program for our youth.


Mike Stranovsky, Instructor leads a class on Maps and Compass for IOLS


Ryan Kane, BALOO Course Director, leads a joint Scouts’ Own Service on Sunday morning.

Thanks to all the instructors for their time and energy spent in training our future leaders Judy Aldrich, Paul Scudder, Ryan Kane, Ed Genewick, Maureen Reinecke, Red Dog, William Crowe, Steve Palmieri, Ren Carotti, Shari Kurutz, Gregg Gibson, Audrey Gibson, Phyllis Scudder, Mike Crea, Eion Mitchell, Andrew Mitchell, Brett Thomas, Mark Landers, Josh Lunde and Mike Stranovsky.

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