October Roundtable

Dear Scouters:

Please make it a priority to attend Roundtable next Thursday, October 4th. There are a few good reasons to do so:

Reason #1: 2019 Recharter packets will be distributed. Each unit needs to have a person responsible for acquiring the packet and it should be the committee member who will be completing the online recharter form as well as the paper forms.

Reason #2: Boy Scout Eagle Mentors, Advancement Chairs, and Scoutmasters will be receiving information about a new method for processing Eagle projects and setting up Eagle Boards of Review. District Advancement Chair, Alison den Boggende, will be leading a special meeting during the Boy Scout breakout session. The new procedures will most likely begin immediately following this meeting so it is IMPORTANT that a representative of each Troop be present. Your boys deserve your education in this matter so that their advancement to Eagle will go smoothly.

Reason #3: Cub Scout and Boy Scout leaders will be receiving timely information regarding the a special November Roundtable titled, ‘Meet the Troops.’ Mark Thielen will be explaining how this opportunity for Webelos and Arrow of Light Scouts to meet with Boy Scout units will work.

Reason #4: Because it’s the right thing to do. A well-trained leader results in a well-run unit. A well-run unit results in more youth participating and remaining engaged in the program.

See you Thursday!
Mac Aldrich

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