Attention all Cub Scout Leaders


Cub Scout Leaders:

Come to Cub Scout Roundtable for great program ideas, information on events and training opportunities, help with ideas to conquer possible issues your pack may be having, some food and fellowship with other Cub Scout leaders, and just a plain old great Cub Scout learning and sharing evening.

September and October we are offering a 2-hour training for NEW LEADERS. We call it NEW LEADER SURVIVAL 101. It is during the regular Roundtable. It is the same training each month. Do you have new leaders?? Send them. Better yet, BRING them to Roundtable. A flyer is attached so it can be shared with others.


We would love to see a lot of new faces at our Roundtable sessions. Please remember that Roundtable is open to any and ALL registered leaders (Cub Scouts, Family Scouting, Boy Scouts, Venture Crews, Explorers, etc.), so please share this information with all of them.

Our next Roundtable is Thursday, September 6th, starting at 7:00 p.m. at the Salvation Army Worship Center, 5328 24th Street East, Bradenton. The ‘Big Rock Topic’ this month is on Social Networking Platforms led by Chuck Swanson.

Hope to see all of you (along with those new faces) on the 6th.

Mac Aldrich,
Manatee District Program Chair

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