2018 Fall Roundup Training and Parent Guide



As many are aware, this coming school year is one of the most crucial we have had with the introduction of Family Scouting! As this is a very exciting time for our Organization, I want to make sure it goes as smoothly as possible for everyone!

A few weeks ago, we held a training session that outlined the new program as well as tips and trick on how to be successful.

Some of the Topics covered at the training are as follows:


  • Recruit and train an enthusiastic New Member Coordinator for every Pack.
  • Conduct a new member registration event for every Pack/School/Community in the Southwest Florida Council from August through early September.
  • Empower leaders with the tools and guidance to self-market their Pack beyond the traditional District Executive ran recruiting campaign.
  • Successfully introduce and implement the new Family Scouting and Lion Cub programs.
  • Make it easier for new families to join Scouting on “Join Scouting Night” and beyond.
  • Expanded promotion of additional opportunities to join after the “Join Scout Night” through follow-up opportunities in September and a council-wide “Bring a Buddy” campaign in October.
  • Better prepare Packs to make a great first impression, recruit new leaders and retain their new Scouting families.

View the 2018 SWFL Council New Parent Guide and the 2018 SWFL Council Pack Builders Kit. The “kit” provides further detail on the tools needed for a successful recruitment. In it contains:

  • How a New Member Coordinator will bring in (and retain) new Scouting families.
  • How to add Family Scouting (girl Dens) to your Pack.
  • Introduction of Lion Cubs.
  • “Scout Me In” Timeline to plan your fall recruiting year.
  • Ideas to Promote, Promote, Promote your Pack!
  • How to WOW ‘em at your Back To School/Open House Meet The Teacher Night.
  • Setting up a successful Join Scouting Night at your school.
  • Use BeAScout.org to bring in families from the “webiverse”.
  • A few Social Media Tips to bring attention to your Pack.
  • How to encourage your Scouts to Bring A Buddy.
  • Make your new Scouting families your future with a Follow Up and Retention Plan.
  • A listing of your resources with the Scout Me In Toolbox.
  • Plot your recruiting plan and get recognized for your success on the Scout Me In Pack Award Worksheet.

Troops, you’re also being included as support for the Packs in this process, and to use for yourselves as well.

Next steps are to set up dates for your Packs to meet at the schools and host your Roundup. Bill Lawrence, our Interim DE, will be handling this process with some help. If you have an established relationship with the school you’ll be attending,and have a date already. or are working on one, please let us know ASAP.

Thank you for your help, and I look forward to one of our most successful year yet!

Peyton Capps
Back to School Night 2018 Chair

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